Sis Joanna Glover-Haynes

Our church believes in the spiritual training and development of Believers. To this end, we have adopted the MasterLife Discipleship sequential learning series as the tool to provide spiritual training to members of our congregation and to help Believers understand the importance of developing their personal lifelong, obedient relationship with Jesus The Christ.

  • Spend time with the Master
  • Live in the Word
  • Pray in faith
  • Fellowship with believers
  • Witness to the world
  • Minister to others

MasterLife is a 24-week discipleship training program that focuses on small group-session learning. The components of MasterLife include:

  • The Disciple’s Cross – You will develop a deeper relationship with Christ as you practice the six biblical disciplines of a disciple
  • The Disciple’s Personality – You will develop Christlikeness in character as you learn to live in the Spirit
  • The Disciple’s Victory – You will experience victories over the world, the flesh, and the devil in spiritual warfare
  • The Disciple’s Mission – You will join God’s mission of making disciples by identifying your stage in growth and your role in ministry