Why is it important to help people find their PLACE? Many people find themselves asking, “Where can I serve in the body of Christ?” “What can I do to make a lasting difference in my life and the lives of others?”
Place is a Biblical-based curriculum that helps people with:
Personality Discovery
Learning Spiritual Gifts
Abilities Awareness
Connecting Passion with Ministry
Experiences in Life
…understanding them and putting them to work to find your unique role in God’s kingdom.
There is a workshop session exploring each of the elements and after completing the five-week workshop, a one-on-one consultation with a Place consultant aids in putting together your unique results for possible placement into a church ministry. Completing PLACE is strongly encouraged to be completed prior to serving in ministry. The PLACE mobilization team coordinates and conducts registration and workshops, and provides consultation results to Pastor to facilitate assimilation of members into church ministry.