Sis Joanne Glover-Haynes – Admin Director of Christian Education                                                              
The School of Christian Education  is a powerful ministry of service that models the diligence, planning, knowledge, and passion that is required to teach God’s Holy Word weekly.  The Schools of Christian Education encourages spiritual and educational growth, enabling you to study the Word of God and share it with others.
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  •  Sunday School (In Person 8:30am – 9:30am Sunday Mornings located in the gym)
    • Thursdays Virtual Sunday School  @ 6:30pm – 8:00PM Zoom Dial In Only                     ZOOM   ID- 848-4244-2459                                                                                                       PASSCODE – 628713                                                                                                               DAIL IN 301-715-8592                                                                                                               Join Zoom Meeting



In addition, PLACE is a personality and gift assessment – strongly encouraged for those that desire to be involved in a ministry. This tool enhances your ability to get involved in ministry with ease.
Also, MasterLife is a Discipleship program to strengthen our daily walk with God-optional for those who want greater spiritual growth. This is a 24 week discipleship training program that focuses on small group session learning.  The Masterlife Study focuses on your commitment to developing a lifelong obedient relationship with Jesus Christ.